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Market Update 07-25-14

25 July 2014 by , No Comments

A Good Durable Goods Report
Visa, the world’s largest credit and debit card company, cut its revenue forecast for 2014, as growth in cross-border transactions slowed amid a strengthening of the U.S. dollar.  Visa gets about 60% of its total transaction volume from outside the United States.  (Reuters)
Starbucks says quarterly sales at stores in the Americas [...]

Market Update 07-24-14

24 July 2014 by , No Comments

New Jobless Claims Hit 9-year Low
Big boy toy maker, Caterpillar, posted profits almost 17% higher than last year on sales that were down about 4%. Caterpillar cited an uncertain global growth picture that weighed on sales expectations. CAT has seen a revival in its business based largely on strong sales in China, even as activity [...]

Market Update 07-23-14

23 July 2014 by , No Comments

A Cornucopia of Earnings
Microsoft stock stands at 15 year highs as they reported a second quarter profit that was down 7% and sales were up 17%.  Hitting the bottom-line was Microsoft’s integration of the Nokia phone operations into the company. (Reuters)
Pepsi saw profits drop 2% in the latest quarter as sales were essentially flat. The [...]

Market Update 07-22-14

22 July 2014 by , No Comments

Inflation Remains in Check
Despite a big sell off early in the day stock markets rallied toward the end of the trading session to close just below the flat-line yesterday.  Today there is lots of economic news to help drown out international bickering.
Coca-Cola saw profits fall 3% in the second quarter due to restructuring [...]

Market Update 07-21-14

21 July 2014 by , No Comments

Stocks Under Pressure
Lots of earnings after the bell today.  Stocks are under pressure as international violence continues to be a wet blanket on investors.
A new report shows US companies increased worker wages in the second quarter at a rate more than double of a year earlier. Wage growth has been almost non-existent during this [...]