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Segment #4 & 5: Linda Baker of Oregon Biz Magazine in studio

Next Week (3-28-14): David Lafferty of Natixis in studio

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Market Update 04-17-14

17 April 2014 by , No Comments

It Is An Earnings Feast
Today is the last day of trading for the week as investors get ready to celebrate Easter.  The history of the Good Friday shutdown, the only non-federal holiday the markets are closed, is posted on the Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management Facebook page. Today we get a boat load of earnings [...]

Market Update 04-16-14

16 April 2014 by , No Comments

Wild Ride in the Markets
Tax day was a wild one for equity markets as prices went from high too low and back too high again.  Volatility is back after what seemed like a long absence. (CNBC)
While we slept China posted better than expected GDP growth of 7.4% during the first quarter of the year.  That [...]

Market Update 04-15-14

15 April 2014 by , No Comments

Oregon Tax Freedom Day April 21st
It is tax day!  If you don’t have your taxes done get to work.  In the State of Oregon you still have 6 days until Tax Freedom Day, the day you have worked enough to pay all your taxes, three days later than last year.  Oregon is the 16th highest [...]

Market Update 04-14-14

14 April 2014 by , No Comments

A Normal and Expected Correction
Despite all the jabbering about this current market correction the S&P 500 is down only 1.75% for the year.  This is a normal and expected correction and should not cause too much concern for long-term investors. (CNBC)
Citigroup saw profits grow 4% last quarter as revenue fell 2%. Trading operations in fixed [...]

Market Update 04-11-14

11 April 2014 by , No Comments

Blood In The Streets
There is blood in the streets as we had a monster sell-off yesterday as some of the air came out of the over inflated tech sector. The sell-off looks to continue today as momentum stocks lose luster and we move back to fundamentals. (Seeking Alpha)
The big banks start reporting today.  JP Morgan [...]